Visual Eye Profiling consists of an evaluation process with 3 main profiling systems to identify the overall health of your eyes.
This examination includes an assessment of the 3 major systems that determine the health of our eyes as a whole.

Eye Refractive Profile

In simpler terms, it is often referred to as an examination for shortsightedness/longsightedness and Astigmatism.

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Eye Neurofunctional Profile (The 17 Visual Skills Assessment)

To assess your visual capabilities.

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Eye Structural Profile

To detect eye disorder and/or disease of your eyes.

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Once the eye health score has been recorded, our optometrist will proceed to consult and provide the best-suited solution for the client.

‘Lifestyle/Behaviour Modification’ Advisory Services

This solution doesn’t require the client to get a pair of glasses. Instead, it involves advising our clients on lifestyle-improvement methods (e.g. reduce screen time and usage of digital products, do exercise etc.) to minimise damage to their eyes.

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Tailor Made
Glasses/Contact Lenses

To customise a pair of spectacles that is specially designed according to the client’s unique eye profile and budget.

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Visual Training Programme

This follow-up treatment is designed for enhancing the client's vision system through practical eye exercises.

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Ophthalmology Referral

For clients with chronic eye disease requiring immediate treatment, i.e. surgery, medical prescription etc.

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Alternative Treatments

Other vision treatment options that are designed for tackling specific vision problems, which include Anti-Myopia Application (Ortho-K), Custom-Made Contact Lenses etc.

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Lazy Eye Treatment For Adults Malaysia

The best time to identify lazy eye or amblyopia is during childhood. Although half of the children aged 7 to 17 respond to treatment, the best outcomes are obtained when treatment begins before age 7. Lazy eye treatment Malaysia is far more effective if it begins sooner when the neural links between the eyes and brain are still developing. A child should have a comprehensive and detailed eye examination between the ages of 3-5 to ensure that their vision is developing typically and that there is no proof of eye disease. 

The treatment aims to train the child's brain to use the weaker eye. The options for lazy eye treatment in Malaysia are determined by the causes and the extent to which the condition impairs your child's vision. We may recommend eye patches, corrective lenses, a Bangerter filter, or eyedrops. At MHO Eyecare, we don't only provide treatment for children but also lazy eye treatment for adults Malaysia. The lazy eye treatment for adults Malaysia is often treated with a combination of prescription lenses, vision therapy, and patching.

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