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MHO Eyecare is deeply entrenched in our eye care consultation, and is based on vision science and how its system works. We encourage our clients to always go for a comprehensive eye examination before getting themselves a pair of glasses. The full eye examination is inclusive of measurement and assessment procedures that are different from other conventional eye checkup methods.

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The 17 Visual Skills Assessment
Our visual assessment is advised to be undergone prior to any spectacles selection process and vision screening phases. This way, patients are able to detect any symptoms of common vision issues such as blurred vision, short-sightedness, myopia, glare and so on, and is an essential step as some of the issues cannot be solved by simply wearing glasses and contact lenses.
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Neurofunctional System

It is crucial for our optometry specialists to perform a deep evaluation of the neurofunctional system of human eyes, as this allows them to examine your eyes accurately under different conditions or circumstances. In addition, our specialists are able to set the most suited methodologies and practices to help optimise your eyesight from a day-to-day basis. Prevention strategies underlined by our optometry specialists act as a guideline to educate our clients on how to take good care of their eyes.

The 17 visual skills assessment is exclusively designed for clients who have signed up for our Visual Eye Profiling (VEP) service.

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