Orthokeratology Treatment: An Alternative To Eye Surgery

Wouldn't you be happy if you no longer had to rely on your prescription glasses if you suffer from nearsightedness or other optical problems? Can you imagine a situation where you can fix this problem without surgery?

The idea may appear preposterous. However, for many people, it is a reality. This is referred to as orthokeratology treatment or ortho-k. This treatment refers to contact lenses that are custom-made and fitted to correct your vision. This procedure typically involves wearing rigid gas permeable lenses overnight to reshape your cornea while you sleep. When you wake up the next day, you will be able to see clearly after removing the lenses. The reconstructed cornea has a lifespan of 24 to 36 hours. rawatan orthokeratology, atau ortho-k. Rawatan ini merujuk kepada kanta sentuh yang direka khas dan dipasang untuk membaiki penglihatan anda.Kanta telap gas tegar yang digunakan dalam prosedur ini biasanya dipakai semalaman untuk membentuk semula kornea anda semasa anda tidur. Dengan cara ini, apabila anda bangun keesokan harinya, anda boleh melihat dengan jelas selepas menanggalkan kanta. Kornea yang dibentuk semula boleh bertahan dari 24 hingga 36 jam.

Myopia (farsightedness) has been recognized as one of the five leading causes of blindness and visual impairment in the world by the World Health Organization. Research shows there are several options to slow the progression of myopia and thereby reduce the associated increased eye health risks, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal detachment.

Advantages Of Orthokeratology

Ortho-K is a custom-made rigid lens that is worn overnight. These contact lenses help gently reshape the cornea (the clear dome in front of the eye) so you can see clearly during the day without the need for glasses or contact lenses. This provides lifestyle benefits, sports and recreational activities, especially for active children and adults. Corneal remodelling is reversible. Therefore, if you stop wearing Ortho-K lenses, your eye shape and prescription will return to your pre-Ortho-K baseline. It is also an alternative to LASIK or other refractive surgery for adults. There is little awareness of the Ortho-K lenses in the eye initially upon use, and generally, there is excellent fit and comfort. It can be used to correct vision in children and adults.

Are You a Good Ortho-K Candidate?

Eye doctors typically prescribe ortho-K lenses for two reasons. It can correct mild to moderate refractive errors in children and slow the development of nearsightedness (myopia). All adults who require a nearsighted prescription should consider orthokeratology. It is also ideal for those with mild astigmatism. Furthermore, Ortho-k is frequently used as a proven treatment method for farsightedness (hyperopia) and age-related lens hardening (presbyopia). Children as young as seven years old with a family history of nearsightedness or who have experienced a sudden spike in vision problems can also benefit.

If you are someone who actively takes part in physical activities where spectacles or lenses are an inconvenience, Ortho-K is your solution. Those working in an industrial or dusty environment are also good candidates. Finally, if a patient is afraid to go under the knife or is ineligible to undergo corrective refractive surgery, they will benefit from this contact lens.

What Can You Expect From Ortho-K?

Orthokeratology treatment typically lasts two weeks or longer to achieve optimal results. However, a small number of people have experienced a significant improvement in their health in just a few days.

Before receiving the desired prescription, patients frequently require a series of temporary Ortho-K lenses. Wearing up to three pairs of this precise corneal reshaping technology may be necessary to achieve the best vision correction. You will wear ortho-k contact lenses once your cornea reaches the desired final curve. You can use it if your eye doctor recommends it.

Although ortho-k vision correction is reversible, it can be kept if used as directed. Orthokeratology is one of the most effective optical treatments for controlling myopia. The best way to find out if you or a loved one is a good candidate for Ortho-K treatment is to schedule a vision exam with us.

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