Ultimate Eyesight Solution: Night Lenses For Vision Correction

Maybe you enjoy sports but are fed up with worrying about your glasses falling off your face, getting damaged, or injuring you. Perhaps you've tried regular contact lenses and developed Dry Eye as a result? Or maybe you just want to enjoy everything the weather has to offer without having to deal with the trouble of wearing glasses or regular contact lenses all day when you're out with friends or on vacation.

Not only adults stand to benefit. Ortho K can also be used on children who are nearsighted. It has even been shown to slow the progression of short-sightedness in children, reducing the risk of future complications like cataracts and glaucoma.

Improve Your Vision With The Revolutionary Overnight Lenses

The concept of night lenses for vision correction may take you by surprise. How can contact lenses help you see better while you sleep? To begin with, these are not ordinary contact lenses; they are Ortho K lenses. They are intended to gently reshape the surface of your eye, thereby correcting many cases of nearsightedness. Once you've gotten these lenses to work at night and removed them when you wake up in the morning, you won't need to wear glasses or regular contact lenses during the day. Instead, you'll have crystal clear, pristine vision and freedom. Ortho-K lenses can correct astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia, among other conditions. Here are seven facts about corneal reshaping and Ortho-K lenses that you may not have known.

Ortho-K (orthokeratology) lenses are gas-permeable lenses used to reshape the cornea. The patient usually wears the night lenses for vision correction and removes them in the morning to enjoy clear vision without needing spectacles or daytime contact lenses. In addition, ortho-K lenses can correct astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia, among other conditions. Here are seven facts about corneal reshaping and Ortho-K lenses that you may not have known.

How Does Ortho-K Function?

The gas permeable (GP) contact lenses used for ortho-k are specially designed and designed for you, unlike regular prescription contact lenses. As a result, these Ortho-K lenses can only be obtained from ortho-k-trained opticians.

You must go through a treatment phase when you start the orthokeratology process. The treatment phase is one to two weeks long and allows your eyes to adjust to the overnight lenses. You may require more or less time to adjust depending on your prescription. The shape of your corneas would then have changed enough by the end of the treatment period to allow you to see clearly. Some individuals can correct their eyesight by only wearing their lenses every other night and still retain the effect after consistent use. Aside from reshaping your corneas, your body will need to adjust to sleeping while wearing contact lenses. If you have never worn contacts before, you might notice the contours of the lenses at first. Even during the day, first-time users of these lenses are rarely at ease immediately. You can rest assured that these contact lenses are painless when properly fitted.

Are Overnight Lenses Risky?

The risks of orthokeratology are the same as those of any other contact lens. Overnight contact lenses, like soft contacts, should be handled with caution. A clean environment and good hygiene can help prevent eye infections. You should make it a habit to disinfect, clean, and rinse your contact lenses after each use. This is because deposits can cause discomfort and distorted vision in the lenses.

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