At MHO Eyecare, we are committed to assisting our clients with regaining and rejuvenating their vision ability for a better working and studying experience. Vision issues such as fatigue, nausea and dizziness can greatly impact our everyday life i.e. learning, working and other daily activities. We have successfully helped people from all walks of life improve their lifestyle and productivity by undergoing effective vision therapy.

We’ve introduced Behavioral Visual Training, a practical eye training session backed by 60 years of research in Vision Science and Brain/Nerve Function Science (Neuroscience). Lenses and glasses are made to give you the best visual clarity possible. Vision Therapy in Malaysia attempts to strengthen and ‘calibrate’ our eye-brain connection, allowing us to efficiently connect, process, and transmit visual information from the retina to our brain.

The training given during vision therapy Malaysia helps to fix the ‘software’ of the visual system, especially for children or working adults who work with digital devices for a long period of time.

Vision Therapy is also an alternative to other common eye problems such as crossed-eyes (strabismus), migraine, vertigo, lazy eye syndrome, visual stress, traumatic brain injuries etc.

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Lazy Eye Treatment
Vision Therapy as a treatment for ‘Lazy Eye’ which will result in the learning process becoming difficult (Amblyopia).
Visual Stress Problems Treatment
Vision Therapy as a treatment of Visual Stress problems that lead to headaches, migraines and vertigo.
Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Treatment for victims of ‘Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)’ as a result of an accident who experience symptoms such as loss of body balance and Visual Stress.

Visual-Related Learning Disorder Treatment
Treatment for learning problems related to the visual system (VLD) that are often mislabeled as dyslexia, ADHD, ADD and so on.
'Non Invasive' Treatment

Vision Therapy in Malaysia as a ‘Non-Invasive’ treatment for squinting problems caused by extreme stress on the Visual system.


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