From the Desk of Masdi Hazli Optometrist: What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a term used by optometrists, where it is one or a series of attempts to improve visual or vision skills and abilities. The optometrist will determine the appropriate method of therapy after examining the problems faced by the individual. It also serves to improve visual comfort, efficiency and convenience as well as change the way the brain processes and interprets information through visuals.

Visual therapy is not a process that results can be seen in the blink of an eye. It covers the process at the therapy center as well as at home. Strict and disciplined training will be conducted over several weeks to several months depending on individual acceptance. In addition to the training process; lens; training glasses, prisms, filters, patches, use of electronic machines and balanced boards, are also used.

There are three main categories in vision therapy.

  1. Orthoptic Vision Therapy

It is a series of exercises that are usually carried out every week up to several months. It is an eye exercise to improve binocular function. Individuals will be trained at the therapy center and continue the training at home. In this category of therapy, the orthoptic specialist will assess and measure the degree of eye deviation, perform treatment of lazy eye (amblyopia) as well as treatment of eye deviation with sunken-raised symptoms.

  1. Behavioral therapy/perception of vision (behavioral/perceptual vision therapy), is an eye training to improve visual processing and visual perception.
  1. Therapy vision for the prevention or correction of myopia (shortsightedness).

Vision therapy is very popular among children with learning difficulties as well as adults who face daily tasks involving the use of digital devices. For children, many parents are less concerned about this problem. They thought it was impossible for their child to have vision problems just because of their excellent vision, whereas expecting vision problems in children to be due to genetic factors.

The role of parents for children with such problems is particularly important as children are unable to speak for themselves. With this, parents should be sensitive to the changes of children to ensure that this problem is not borne in a very long period of time.

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