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Did you know that ancient pirates believed that their eyesight could be improved by wearing earrings ?? However wonderful as it may sounds, it is merely a superstitious belief. If you have vision problems, don’t go to a jewelry store! Go to Masdi Hazli Optometrist. This optometry center is a specialist in ‘vision therapy’ treatment. 

The founder of Masdi Hazli Optometrist is a UKM graduate with a Bachelor of Optometry (Hons) and also an expert in using ‘vision therapy’ treatment methods. You will definitely be satisfied with their service!

Wearers of glasses often experience similar problems. Incorrect power lens, dizziness, glaring issue, incorrect frame fit to their face, etc. Some shied away from asking the right expert. However, this should not be the case as we are not able to diagnose the issue ourselves. 

Because of this, Masdi Hazli Optometrist store is very pleased to invite you to visit their store. The store not only value your satisfaction as a customer, but they also value your confidence and trust in their organization. The staff at the store have extensive  experience and qualifications to answer any questions that pop into your mind. Even if you don’t ask any questions, the employees are also trained to always be willing to help by sharing their knowledge in the hopes you can make the right and appropriate decision for yourself.

This store does not only sell glasses. Optometrists are also ready to improve your vision using appropriate methods. Some may not know that not all vision problems can be solved by using glasses. It can be said that a lot of spectacle wearers expressed their discomfort to rely on a pair of spectacles to be able to see clearly. This problem can be worked out at the Masdi Hazli Optometrist, where you can get a comprehensive ‘vision therapy’ treatment.

What exactly is ‘vision therapy’ treatment?

Vision Therapy is a method of vision treatment that is a result of research that took 60 years in the field of Vision Science and also integrated with input from the latest research in the field of Brain and Nerve Function Science.

Vision Therapy treatment is also called Behavioral Visual Training. It involves eye training given to correct the ‘software’ of the visual system where the flaws of the ‘software’ are what make it difficult for children to learn, and those especially those who work using digital devices are not able to last long to continue daily activities.

In a way, glasses are worn to help your blurred vision appear clearer, while Vision Therapy is prescribed to re-coordinate eye and brain contact so that visual information from the learning process and daily activities received by the eyes can be processed more efficient.

In short, Vision Therapy is an alternative treatment for problems such as migraine, squinting, lazy eyes, vertigo, learning difficulties, visual stress, traumatic brain injury, and many more!

For example, lazy eye problems involve an imbalance of eye strength, and the use of different glasses on both sides of the eye often results in a decline in concentration as well as the frequency of dizziness. In this case, of course, Vision Therapy treatment is highly recommended as the main option for clients who have lazy eyes.

Do you have issues with your eyes? Blurred vision or glare makes your head dizzy ?? If so, what are you waiting for?The solution you are looking for is here!

Masdi Hazli Optometrist is located at No 167-G, Jalan PUJ 3/9, Taman Puncak Jalil, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor and is open every day, including Saturday and Sunday. 

You can also contact Masdi Hazli Optometrist via Whatsapp+ at 0197505369, or visit their website at

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