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Blurred vision is not uncommon. Moreover, with the current rate of modernization, we are exposed to blue rays or blue light by the screens of gadgets that contribute to this problem. Another problem is the difficulty of finding cheap glasses to help clear vision.

There are various causes of vision problems whether farsightedness, nearsightedness, or glare. However, the most popular cause of farsightedness and glare experienced by most Malaysians today from children to youth is blue light.

Parents, in particular, are the most worried person when children are forced to wear glasses. Some have had to borrow money, save, etc. to buy quality and durable glasses. It is easy to say, the higher the level of myopia of children, the higher the amount that needs to be spent by parents.

If in the past, many were able to maintain the quality of eye vision due to less exposure to this radiation, now it can be said to be quite impossible. Furthermore, children as young as 7 years old have begun to be exposed to gadgets for online learning. There are also adults who work from home and use laptops for hours.

Although there are various ways to overcome blurred vision or myopia such as lasik, it involves a large amount of money around RM 3000 – RM 15000. Of course many can not afford the cost of this treatment and choose alternatives to wear glasses that are also effective to help vision.

However, finding cheap glasses is not easy. On average, eyeglass stores offer prices in the range of RM 200 and above, according to the wearer’s needs such as anti-glare, anti-blue light, the type of myopia whether far or near, as well as the level of myopia and glare of a person.

Many also agree that if you buy cheap glasses, they will not last long because they can be easily broken, shattered, and so on. But, did you know that Masdi Hazli Optometrist offers cheap glasses of high quality?

Masdi Hazli Optometrist is a bumiputera-owned optometry, spectacles, and vision therapy center that has successfully helped restore the vision of many individuals in Malaysia. The company is also trusted by many because of its expertise and experience in treating various types of vision problems.

Masdi Hazli Optometrist also offers other types of services besides cheap glasses, namely Eye Examination and Complete Vision, Visual Stress and Migraine Treatment, Lazy Eye Treatment, Non-Invasive Treatment for Strabismus Problems, Vision Therapy, Consultation, Basic Examination, Therapy, and Detection .

They are also open and always welcome constructive feedback so that they can provide the best internationally comparable service. All this can be seen on their website at www.masdihazli.com.

Understanding the current economic situation, Masdi Hazli Optometrist continues to strive to help Malaysians to own glasses at low prices but high quality by offering promotional prices that are very worthwhile. 

Get immediately the promotional price of cheap glasses by Masdi Hazli Optometrist by contacting them at 019-7505369 or email masdihazli@gmail.com, either to ask any questions regarding service and price or get an early appointment.

You can also visit their website www.masdihazliopto.com for more information or visit their location at No 167-G, Jalan PUJ 3/9, Taman Puncak Jalil, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

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